Thankful Post 329

I haven’t had a good steak in a long time yesterday I had an idea that I would get a steak to celebrate my second shot. I got to the butcher’s and I thought about how would I cook it? Sous vide, I would cook it vacuum sealed and submerged in warm water so I decided on two strip loins well as impulsively two pork chops. This morning I thought about that meat in my fridge and realized I have enough to feed myself meat all weekend. So I thought I would have a beef today, I seasoned it up vacuumed it up looked up the temperature it needed to bath in (54° Celsius) and set it to take a six hour bath.

I am thankful that I have a tongue to know what a good steak is, well it’s a blessing and a curse I know good steak so not so great steak is not a good thing. Having found good steak I took the time to learn different ways to cook it, this was all long before 20*0 so I am thankful for that.

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