Today’s New Thing

Last evening I noticed how dirty my pressure cooker lid was looking so I decided to give it a better cleaning, this lead me to clean the rest of the pressure cooker. Cleaning the pressure cooker lead to things getting onto my kitchen floor, which should have lead me to sweep up my floor. I ended up going to bed a little after midnight so early this morning, it’s a bit of a stretch calling it a new thing today but it’s still true. I realized I didn’t pop my nighty night pills so I went through to my kitchen to get them, stepping on something I remembered that I didn’t clean up the floor, so I told Rosie to go to work and went to bed. This morning I got out of bed curious to know where Rosie got stuck and if it got my kitchen floor. I was pleasantly surprised that Rosie didn’t get stuck and was able to vacuum my place without supervision.

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