Thankful Post 311

Yesterday I broke and finally did dishes. As part of my depression I neglect things, that’s how my place turned into a disaster zone. Over the course of the day I did dishes on three separate occasions, filling up my drying counter each time. I have another bunch of dishes to do today, and I will hopefully get to it tonight because I cannot let it get to that mess again!

This morning when I walked into my kitchen to pop my pills, there was a funny smell. I went off to pick up the cleaning things I ordered from Walmart, when I got home I realized that funny smell was no smell my kitchen was almost clean! Today I aim to have all my dishes clean, realizing how tired I am I will give myself a day if need be but I really do not want to give myself that day.

While writing this I put all my clean dishes away, trying to convince myself to clean more today. Today I am thankful that I have put in the effort to clean my dishes.

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