Thankful Post 305

So last night I was working away at cleaning my fridge when something jumped out at me and got all over my floor. I really hate saying this but had this been 20*0 I don’t know that I would have spent much time on cleaning it up, yesterday I spent the time needed to do a light cleanup. This morning when I left my bedroom I noticed that the spot where I wiped up the yoghurt had a different shine then the rest of the floor. I thought that I was going to be fine with that for the time being, I realized I was falling back into the 20*0 funk and I really didn’t want to do that, the depression I have been feeling this week and then the not really cleaning my kitchen floor is not good. Knowing how bad habits develop I knew I had two options; I could buff out the spot with my electric mop, but that would only get that spot out, or I could release Squirtle onto my place. I thought about it and realized I would need to do the whole floor if the different shine was what was bugging me so Squirtle needed to be released. Today I am thankful that I am able to keep my place cleaner then it was in 20*0

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