Thankful Post 303

This morning Rosie was doing its thing but I was in no frame of mind to really care to much about it, other then to open doors. I thought it was briefly in my room but I must have missed the part where it did my washroom after it made some beeping noise. About half an hour after the beeping noise I thought I should check the app out, turns out Rosie was stuck under my couch again. I pulled it out of the stuck position and had it continue on it’s way. Just seeing how nice my place is clean is encouraging me to clean the rest of my place. I am fairly sure that my drive to clean my place has been my thankful post before but yesterday I pulled out my paper shredder and got started on shredding papers. I was able to move one box out of my office today and set up another one for recycling purposes. Today I am thankful that I am actually making an effort to clean my office.

I am reminded about how I was going to take the opportunity provided to me by 20*0 to clean my place, and how that failed. If only I would have known all I needed was a robotic vacuum.

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