Thankful Post 300

So I have started cleaning my place, and I have posted a lot about it because it is feeling so good. So me starting to clean under my couch is nothing new to be thankful about.

When the lock down stress hit me my place became a disaster zone, again nothing new said here. What I have not mentioned I put on the 20*0 weight because of the stress but more so because I was eating more food I ordered rather then made. With the ordering of more food I left my couch less often. With the couch life I didn’t really clean up the containers all that frequently not cleaning up the containers meant I didn’t bother cleaning up my cutlery that frequently. A lot of my forks grew legs and said they had enough of it and have hidden themselves. With my clean up I have been slowly finding my forks it is amazing and I am thankful that I am cleaning up to find them.

There are three big reasons why I am cleaning my place: the first a friend couldn’t be in my place because of my kitchen floor, so I scrubbed away that stuff. Second because I got Rosie, it showed me that it could do more then my living room so I made sure to clean more. Third and to a much lesser extent my forks where missing, I wanted to clean up around and under my couch to find my forks.

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