Today’s New Thing

Today with all my clean up of the dead leaves and the writing of my thankful post I am feeling really drained. It’s really not cool being this tired, that’s not know I have been tired before. My reminder app reminded me it was time for laundry. I was getting ready to throw my first load in but discovered I had a load I forgot about in there already. I really don’t know how long its been in there but hey it’s doing another quick wash, forgetting clothes in there is not new either.

I had enough hangers to hang some if not all of my pyjamjams so I was happy but finding the other tops in the washer reminded me that I have enough hangers for all my clothes if I do my laundry in weekly phases. Being the during COVID times I have not been wearing clothes as I normally would to wash them in phases so I don’t have enough hangers. This little fact has been bugging the heck out of me for a while now, so I thought I would put my fall and winter wardrobe into my dresser but it wasn’t going to fit. Not having enough hangers to hang all my winter clothes is a real bummer. Today my new thing is washing some of my heavy winter clothes in the dryer rather then hang drying.

I think it has cooled off a bit, so I should really close my windows. Soon, I will soon, just need to fight the lazy.

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