Thankful Post 299

So this girl is feeling so lazy, yesterday she finally got around to cleaning her popcorn popper so she could have popcorn while watching some TV last night. This morning she had big plans to clean more dishes, including the popcorn popper, these plans existed until she got out to her kitchen as she saw that not so big pile of dishes and decided she was glad the clean dishes where put away as her plans faded away. She saw her living room love seat and brushed off the popcorn left from last night; this is what made her feel lazy, she knows full well she isn’t bending over to pick it up off the floor but knows Rosie will clean it up when it does its vacuuming Monday morning.

Feeling the desire to get over this lazy she decided it was time she did a little indoor plant clean up, rather then dishes. One thing lead to another and now she has a cleanish side table in her living room and is starting a few more plants on her kitchen counter.

I was chatting with a friend last night and he was telling me I need to stop calling myself lazy and look at the reasons that prove I am not lazy. Cleaning a corner in my living room and cleaning up my plants is evidence that I am not actually lazy, however I would not have got there if I wasn’t kicking myself for not doing dishes. I do not want to be lazy so I kick myself into do things.

At the beginning of the plague I had plans to clean my place and to keep it clean I had things written in my calendar for when I was cleaning an area it was going to be good. COVID stress hit and that plan got pushed further and further back. A friend had an anxiety attack when she came over to help me with something and that pushed me to actually start cleaning. Seeing my kitchen floor clean got me to invest in a better vacuum, seeing my living room floor clean got me to invest time into actually getting more of my place clean. The belief that I am lazy got me to invest in an irobot, as my new vacuum, to do the vacuuming for me which in turn lead to more cleaning of the floor, which lead to even more cleaning. My dishwasher broke which lead to my dishes piling up, I called myself lazy because I was washing dishes as needed as I had no where to put dishes to dry off.

Knowing that I was using the no where to put dishes to dry off excuse I put the drying mats through the wash knowing full well they where going to sit in my drier for awhile, so they went through with my slippers and pyjamjams. A few days went by and my footsies where not liking this constantly being cold thing I knew where my slippers where but getting them would mean I needed to clean my counter to put the drying mats in their place. Wanting to aid my feet with their poor circulation lead me to clean my counter, having somewhere to set my drying mats lead me to start cleaning my dishes. Yesterday I had Rosie vacuum my place three times because I was to lazy to get out of bed to open doors and to lazy to sweep the kitchen floor. My laziness led to me just sweeping the popcorn and stuff off of my chair and onto my floor this morning, sheer laziness! I didn’t get Rosie to do its thing today because I know Saturday isn’t a vacuum day and Rosie is strong enough to get everything on Monday. The removal of popcorn things lead me to clean the rest of my chair, which included some dishes. As I moved the dishes from my living room to my kitchen I noticed some in my dining room, which I moved to my kitchen. I thought maybe I should actually do my dishes now, but decided I should wait until at least my coffee was done being consumed. I sat down to drink my coffee when I realized it was a little warm in my place so I got up to open my window. Getting up to go to my window I remembered today was a water my plants day so I decided to do that before I opened my window, I could open my window while I was over there watering those plants (I call that being lazy). When I got my watering can over to that spot I realized I should actually clean up the dead leafs and stuff, cleaning those up lead me to cleaning all the dead leafs from all my plants around my place. Seeing all the death around my side table helped me realize that the table needed to be cleaned up, so now I have a fairly clean side table.

All of this cleaning because I am lazy, to lazy to do my dishes! Today I am thankful that I am lazy? No, today I am thankful that I have found a way to do something else when I am procrastinating with my plan. At the beginning of the plague I set a schedule for when I was going to do things, that didn’t work as I did not account for my lazy bum bum. After accounting for my lazy bum bum I got Rosie, Rosie has shown me how nice my place can be which has convinced me to do other things when I am procrastinating away from my plan.

I will still do dishes today, just a little later, I am strongly thinking about having more coffee.

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