Today’s New Thing

As it is Friday Rosie got doing it’s thing but I was really not wanting to get out of bed to open doors so I didn’t! I finally thought I should as Rosie was dragging something around, I pulled whatever that was out of Rosie’s grasp and set it back down to do its thing. A little while later Rosie beeped and said it was done I was confused as to why it missed my bedroom? I looked at the map and realized it had tried to get into my bedroom but the door was closed, whatever I guess. A little while later I thought I should just do it again so I hit the go button, after it left my living room I kicked up my recliner. After it finished I thought it was just going back to its charger so I did not bother putting the recliner down. Rosie I guess noticed how dirty it was under there and started working away at it. Today my new thing is having Rosie work away under my recliner with me sitting on it.

Come to think about it Rosie has worked away under there but only from behind, never from the front.

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