Thankful Post 298

I am thankful that I am making an effort to keep my place clean. My dishwasher finally said it was giving up, my lazy rear end said screw it I will get a plumber to come in later so my dishes started to pile up. Yesterday I finally said screw it if I can keep my floor clean I must be able to keep my dishes clean. A few days ago I had cleaned up some of my counter with the goal of doing my dishes, as I had drying pads that needed washing but nonetheless I had them. So yesterday I finally pulled them out of the dryer and started cleaning my dishes. I did one load yesterday, another load today, and I am planning on doing a load every evening from now on.

This morning I realized I could probably put one of my coffee presses away if I am doing dishes on a regular bases. In the past I was using one press until I could taste the burnt taste that couldn’t be rinsed out, because I am lazy, then I would do the same with the second one running the dishwasher some time between the second press. Today I am thankful that I have found the drive to make a plan to stay on top of my dishes.

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