Thankful Post 296

Today is Tuesday, on my check list of things to do on Tuesdays is to dilate. Two weeks ago Monday I became the new owner of stitches so I did not feel comfortable going into the shower that Tuesday, thought I would leave it until Thursday. Thursday came and went dilating slipped my mind, I have missed a week before so I was not to terribly concerned as long as I get it next week. On that Monday I got my stitches removed and those strips put on I was told I had to keep them dry until Wednesday, so my dilating got pushed back or at least that was the plan. On Thursday I realized I had not yet done my dilating and I should do it before I went to bed, that never happened. Monday came along and I thought it was to late to catch up from last week. As it is Tuesday today it is my dilating day, I told myself I could not miss it.

Today I am thankful that I am over 2 years post op, I really don’t think I could have handled missing two weeks of dilating in the past.

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