Thankful Post 294

Today I am thankful that I am doing the things that need to be done to clean up my place, but even more thankful for Rosie. I spilt some salt on the floor yesterday but my back wasn’t going to let me bend over to sweep it up, I haven’t quite got over my 20*0 “I will clean it up later” thing so there I left the salt.

Today I was going to take on my office but I woke up and my back sang “no, no, no, I am going to wait some more.” So sweeping up the salt was out of the question luckily I have Rosie who will clean it up tomorrow morning! Yesterday I took out another load of recycling and noticed a scuff mark on my floor, I had Squirtle work my foyer the day before but I guess it couldn’t get the scuff out so I went to it with my electric mop. Holy heck did it ever take a lot to get it out so I think that is where I hurt my back enough to play the lazy card today.

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