Thankful Post 293

Today I decided that my foyer was still to dirty, yeah ok way to dirty. Last night I noticed that there was so much garbage being stored under my chairs so I cleaned it up and noticed there needed to be some mopping done. I set up Squirtle but it kinda sorta didn’t want to mop up under my chairs and I didn’t have the abilities to figure it out without sleepy time. This morning I figured it all out; I moved all my chairs and buffed out the hard spots, then I let Squirtle get to it and I can proudly say the floor is now clean. I will be getting a shoe rack, and dropping some boxes off at the post office, next week some time so that I can officially finish my foyer cleaning. Realizing that there is so much more to cleaning then my floor I have decided it was time to plan out actually cleaning my place. My bedroom is almost done, a lot of my plans have kinda sorta changed such as the wanting my place all done by now but I think the plan to have my bedroom and living room clean on Monday after Rosie rolls through is something I can count on happening. Today I am thankful that my place is getting closer to clean every day.

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