Today’s New Thing

I had gotten a bunch of cherry tomatoes I was planning on making a little bit of pasta sauce as I enjoy it, but as I was looking at the thing I thought about how many bags I should use and how much sauce I should make at that moment when it hit me I should just do it all in one bag. While I write this I realize I did not put butter or some oil into it so I am going to need to remember to add that when I use it. I do have a few more tomatoes that need to be used so I will add butter to it and make some other sauce from it. I am really enjoying making my ferments, so much so that today I will start a total of 4 different ferments. This is new but I don’t think it’s my new thing.

This morning I was messaging a friend when I accidentally hit the Facebook video call. We had a great hour and a half chat, it felt great to talk to a person with my voice. He is one of two people I have video chatted with over Facebook I got to show off my clean -ish living room it felt good being able to compare my place to another and my place being the clean place, sense I have lived on my own that is a new thing!

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