Thankful Post 287

With all my cleaning today I decided I was taking on my dining room, all I had left was my dining room table as everything else had been cleaned. I will admit there are a few things left on chairs that need to be moved but that’s for later. I got to taking everything off of my table then giving it a deep clean. I have a little dance I do to get around the table to get to the water cooler, my office, or my living room if I am going through my kitchen I was used to it just thinking the table was a little to big for the dining room. Today as I was cleaning the table I realized how much room I had and that I could move the table so that I wasn’t dancing around it. I realize I have been saying this a lot for a bit now but it is really making me feel great, today I am thankful that I have cleaned my dining room enough that I am no longer dancing around the table.

Now if I want to dance around the table it would be for the sheer fun of it.

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