Today’s New Thing

In the past I have just left my water cooler bottles by the front door as my place would be too much of a mess to put them any where else, after they where emptied I could easily stack them on top of the stuff but not before. Today I went to fill the bottles (do remember I have done some serious cleaning) when I got home I was able to put the bottles in a clean place by my water cooler, I laughed and thought well I bet I won’t be able to do that again.

This morning Rosie got stuck and didn’t finish its vacuuming job, I had just planned on skipping the rest of it today. Later this morning I decided to do some mopping, my fancy electric mop kicked up a few things I thought I would get after it dried. Forgetting about wanting to pick up the stuff I went about my day. This afternoon after getting the water my foot hurt so much, but as I was admiring the fact that my water bottles were not at the front door I noticed the stuff on the floor but knowing my foot wasn’t going to let me kneel down on the floor to get it I decided to unleash Rosie. After Rosie was doing its thing I realized that having Rosie being automated has helped me keep things off the floor for over a week now. Today my New Thing is realizing how much Rosie has helped me stay motivated at keeping my place clean ish, and how I am likely going to be able to keep my dining room floor clean enough that my water bottles will be there next time I fill them up.

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