Today’s New Thing

I am so impressed with Rosie’s abilities to clean however I wasn’t impressed yesterday about its battery life. Today I got it to do my bedroom, it did not finish my bedroom on a single charge I again was not happy with it. It finished up after the charge, and I got curious so I got it to do another round on my bedroom. It did my bedroom and then my bathroom workout needing to be fully charged again. I realized that my floors had just been rather disgusting and maybe that’s why it didn’t do my whole place on a single charge last night. I did not set up a schedule yesterday as I was frustrated with needing to be attentive to the thing. Today after seeing it do my bedroom with relative ease during the second go around I decided maybe I could schedule it to do its thing once a week. I went to schedule it to vacuum every Friday but it suggested Monday Wednesday and Friday, so I went with that. While I was writing this I decided I could make it do that while I was a sleep but I would need a time to do my bedroom? I decided to make another schedule for Tuesday and Thursday evenings, where I will leave my bedroom door open. Today’s New Thing is setting up a plan to have my vacuum room every weekday, rather then my current “whenever I get around to it.”

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