Thankful Post 277

I needed mustard for my mayonnaise project so I thought I would need to make my own. After I finished most of the active parts I found a little packet that would have been enough but oh well I guess. Having made plenty of mustard before, and not really being a fan of mustard, I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the mustard this morning, it had a very sharp mustard taste rather than the typical mustard taste. My other mustards have had better then store bought tastes but this one was just better. I had to think about it what did I do differently? Then it hit me.

I have learnt about vinegars during 20*0, gone are the days I will use just plain white vinegar so when the recipe called for vinegar I put in a better vinegar. It wasn’t a good vinegar just a better vinegar and it made a world of a difference. Today my thankful post is about how I took time during 20*0 to learn things I wouldn’t have learned had the world not broke out in plague.

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