Today’s New Thing

So hey I had big plans for today, I was going to make some mayonnaise so that I could make a grilled cheese. I have a stand mixer now so making mayonnaise would be easier now, but in order to use it I needed to do some dishes. My dishes are a bit of a problem; as in they need to be done, so it was an easy problem to fix. I emptied the dishwasher and was loading it back up. Some of my dishes just needed a little bit of pre scrubbing, no big deal. A glass jar was sitting on my counter and it was going to need some pre scrubbing action, or so I thought. I was wiping it down when my thumb got caught on the lid latch so without thinking about it I adjusted my hand but then my index finger got caught so this time I looked; there was blood all over the place, I guess that jar was broken and I had accidentally participated in a blood letting campaign! I have accidentally taken part in many blood letting campaigns in the past so that’s not new but today is the first time I have done any blood letting during a plague.

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