Today’s New Thing

I have been feeling like poop for some time now and that has lead to things not being done. I was taking a pee and I got thinking about how I have cleaned my guest bathroom to look somewhat presentable I should really get around to cleaning my master bathroom. I figured out how to start charging the scrubber tool and thought I would take breaks during my TV bingeing and slowly clean up my bathroom. I plugged the tool in and walked away, fully expecting myself to decide I wasn’t going to take breaks to clean my bathroom. Today I took my depression by the horns and did my little cleaning breaks and cleaned my bathroom and wow is it ever amazing! Later tonight or tomorrow (depending on how my back feels), I will be using the fancy dancy scrubbing tool to finish cleaning my bathroom.

Today my New Thing is grabbing my depression by the horns and taking control of the mess I call my bathroom.

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