Thankful Post 263

I have recently realized I have fallen back into depression, I think it started when I had the 20*0 flash back. I am now trying to get out of this funk I have found myself, one thing I have decided to do is clean up my place.

I have hurt my back trying to scrape up the stuff on my kitchen floor, so I have put it off. Yesterday I realized that maybe I could combat my depression with better cleaning but how was I going to do better cleaning if I couldn’t bend down to scrape stuff off the floor? I would later get an email from my tax guy telling me what my return was going to be so I searched out some tools and found them on Amazon. They were both listed as prime deliveries but the guarantee delivery time was a week away, I was a little frustrated with this so I went looking at local stores to see if they had them. One of the items was at a store but it was about $100 more, out of frustration I was going to just order that but thankfully cooler heads prevailed and I saved the $100. I would then go look up why prime things were taking longer. I guess Amazon is now taking COVID seriously and prioritizing things.

Last night I took a long look at the situation and realized my privilege, being able to order things and not needing to go into stores to get stuff. I ordered some things from Walmart last night for pick up this morning. This morning I realized how privileged I really truly am and I am thankful that this privilege is not lost on me.

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