My Babies

I had gotten into birthing babies during the beginning of 2020 lock down, I kinda sorta killed them all due to neglect when I started making vinegar. Recently I wanted to get back into it; I started with Gertie who is my yogurt, then I moved to Brian who is my sauerkraut brine, I am yet to restart any other babies however I was walking past my fermentation station when I realized Brian needed to be burped so I burped it and thought I should really start the lettuce fermentation project.

I shredded up the little head of lettuce I had and an onion, while they where being beaten in my stand mixer I thought I should name that brine as well. I was thinking, and thinking, I needed something but I couldn’t use Brian as I already had an active Brian? Thinking and thinking then it hit me this one will be named Breanne!

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