Rose and Thorn Post 11

Today my Rose is having the day to be visible as Trans; but Reann you are already very out about being Trans? True but today is the special day where I like any other Trans person (who chooses to be) is recognized for being who they are.

Today my Thorn was going to be needing to sit and wait for my Walmart order to come out to my car; however I got a txt message from Walmart saying something got replaced, what ever I don’t care but just out of curiosity I hit the link. The app was having difficulties showing me what it was but there was a link at the top to tell Walmart you where on your way. I got curious about so I hit the on my way link and then drove off to get my groceries. I picked up my phone to call Walmart which spot I was in but noticed on the app I could tell them what spot I was in. I was half expecting to need to sit there for the normal 20 to 25 minutes like normal. What must have been less then 2 minutes the Walmart worker bee was there with my order. I hate talking on the phone so needless to say but I will be using the app to tell Walmart I am on my way and which spot I am in for future pickups.

Today my Thorn is the fact that I am a sucker for marketing. I have been seeing a lot of ads on YouTube for the bubly drink so last night while I was placing my Walmart order I got suckered into buying some. All it is is carbonated water with a hint of flavour.

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