Today’s New Thing

Close to two years ago I got a new TV that could go into my living room and not make my power bill 5 times larger. I had my old TV in my bedroom but realized that was probably not the best idea as I was dealing with sleep issues and had been for many years. I no longer like the idea of watching TV in my bedroom, sure I still watch things on my iPad before I go to sleep but I have found that if I set a limit to how much I can watch and only do it before I go to sleep I sleep much better. The plague also showed me that I sleep much better if I don’t fall to sleep in front of a video screen. I was rather iffy about laying down during the day and listening to the every day astronaut YouTube stream, as I don’t want to get into that habit. I got the HomePod mini for my bedroom so that I could continue to listen to things while using the bathroom but today it was to warn me when SN 11 was going to take off. Today my New Thing is using the HomePod mini in my bedroom.

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