Thankful Post 254

So a little while ago I had bought a HomePod to replace my sound system. After trying it for a few days I realized that my place is a little to small for a system that expensive. I returned it and replaced it with three HomePod minis; two for a stereo system with my TV and one for my bedroom.

I was watching the Everyday Astronaut SN 11 YouTube stream out in my living room it was T minus about 1 hour and 30 minutes when I thought I could just turn on the bedroom speaker and lay down. I could have just put it onto my phone but I wanted to be able to just come out to my living room and watch it easily. Today I was laying in my bed and heard that SN 11 was scrubbed, I thought I would just listen to the rest of the steam. I took off my glasses and set my watch onto the charger so I could just lay on my side; next thing I knew Tim Dodd was talking about some dated material, I put my watch back on and realized 2 hours had pasted. I don’t know why but today I am just pooped but I am thankful that I could have a nap.

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