Today’s New Thing

So I volunteered for a study involving Trans folx with a pus pus and I got the delivery of swabs today, as I was reading the instructions I realized I had not dilated this week and I should really do it. Tuesday I had to pee in a cup so dilating got put on hold, I totally forgot about it after the delivery and blood letting. Yesterday I was going to do it but for whatever reason I just didn’t. This morning when I woke up I thought that I should really just do it and I was about to do it when I realized the time, I needed to pick up my Walmart order. After heading out I thought about it and realized I forgot to do it two weeks ago, sure it was a little tight last week but whatever. After reading the instructions, I realized it would not be a good idea to condition myself to doing it biweekly.

Today my New Thing is using my higher brain functions towards my dilating habits. I realize I would probably be fine with dilating less more then two years post op but I should not get into that habit.

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