Thankful Post 238

After working out this morning I went to do my dilating, doing treadmill time before dilation makes the whole thing easier so I did my treadmill time and just cause I was doing that I decided I should also do my exercises. I thought about pushing them off for a day because I wasn’t sure how dilating would be after exercising. I realized I was just looking for excuses to not do the exercising so I broke and just did them today. Thankfully the exercising didn’t give me any troubles while dilating, but that’s not what this post is about.

While I was dilating panic just hit me, I was concerned about how I was going to stick a needle into my leg so that I could do my power up. I was feeling feelings and I was regretting doing my exercises before my power up, I got over it thinking about it and realizing I only shoot up oestrogen once every other week. I finished dilating and went through to jab myself and it was just so much easier than normal. Today’s Thankful Post is realizing it was easier to stick a needle into my leg after exercising, thinking about it it makes complete sense warming up all my muscles makes them less tense.

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