My Knees

Many years ago I fell out of a friends truck on a snow bank and dislocated my right knee cap a little more then 90 degrees around my leg. As I deal with some partial left side paralysis I favour my right side more then I should, having my right knee messed up all of a sudden I was favouring my left knee. The left knee was really not happy with that, I was walking into a store when my knee cap just decided it didn’t want to stay in place! I whimpered in pain felt where it was at and popped it back in place, my knee cap would do that many more times until my right leg was good enough that I could put weight on to it. My knees have been giving me troubles every sense, but today now that I am exercising again my knees are really not happy! I am doing very little with my legs but I think I need to go down with weight on my legs for a bit.

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