Today’s New Thing

This morning I woke up and did my normal things, then hit the treadmill. I am trying so hard to do the treadmill every day, but yesterday I had done my treadmill time in the evening (only because I was concerned I wasn’t going to close the big red loop). I was so tired after that I did not want to stand in the shower, so I put on my house coat and watched some TV (I am going to blame my hormones for that logic). So this morning I woke up in the nude, this is not new. I did my treadmill time, closing the green loop for the first time in a little while.

I was so exhausted after my treadmill time, which is new I guess but it’s not my new thing! I had made a joke to a neighbour not to long ago about how my wardrobe must have caught COVID because all my close shank, she chuckled and asked if I put on the COVID 19. I most definitely put on the pandemic KG’s, but I am now interested in losing those KGs. A little while ago I had ordered some exercise bands, my plan was to watch some YouTube videos on exercising with them but could never find the motivation to do it (I am going to blame my lack of hormones and not my lazy bum). Today I am going to take those bands to my physio appointment and ask for some exercises, today my new thing is going to be finding out some exercises for those bands.

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