Yesterday I heard a story about the new COVID fad starting up is journaling. The fads started with sourdough bread making, which I was in to. Then it was YouTubing cleaning your place, I am trying so hard to get into just the cleaning part (with some success). There is some exercising fad that looks like it is starting, I am really trying to get into that. There is the making your own food rather then ordering it, I am trying that (more so because of money but hopefully I can benefit from it). There is the ordering local, more so a movement then a fad but I try my bestest at doing that. I am sure there are other fads I am missing and have no intention on seeking out.

When I heard that journaling was the new and up coming fad I thought “oh great another fad I am not going to get into.” It wasn’t until today when I realized I am ahead of the curve on that one, I have been COVID journaling sense the beginning of the pandemic. I started with just daily selfies and trying something new every day, which I found very therapeutic. A little while into the pandemic I attended a zoom meeting, this was a national group so zoom was already being used long before COVID, someone suggested thinking of something you are thankful for every day so that got added to my daily posts. Am I the trail blazer who kicked this fad off? I doubt it, did me doing this get others to take it up? I hope so, I am a trail blazer in respects to COVID journaling but I am sure I am not the patient zero for COVID journaling.

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