Thankful Post 235

This morning I woke up and went off to Walmart to pick up my order, but first I ordered an order from Tim Hortons, I really don’t know why I like doing that rather then just ordering at the drive through but that’s neither here nor there. In my Walmart order today was a bag of rice and the things to make a stir fry, again nothing new to be thankful about but I was excited that I was going to be able to make a stir fry.

I had made the plan to clean my foyer and hallways today, so I have been working at that today. Under a pile of things I found an unopened bag of rice, and another box of minute rice. I thought about just leaving the box of rice where it was, but the thought better of myself. As I was figuring out what to do with my rice I realized how thankful I am for having a pressure cooker. Sure I have two boxes of minute rice I cannot use in my pressure cooker, but I now know where two bags of real rice are and I can easily cook a stir fry in it. Today I am thankful that I have learnt how to use my pressure cooker as a stir fry maker.

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