Today’s New Thing

A little while ago I decided I needed to get back into eating my yogurt. Not really liking the store bought stuff I got into making my own, I had been doing that for a while but for some odd reason I stopped. I left my yogurt to just die forgotten in the fridge. Many times I thought I should get back into yogurt but it just did not happen. For the past few days I would say “I start a new culture tonight!” Come the morning I would realize I didn’t do it. Tonight it is different I have a new Gertie in the oven doing its thing. Tomorrow morning I will pull it out stick it in the fridge do my treadmill time and then have some yogurt for breakfast!

As it was time for me to actually make my yogurt today I thought it was time for me to make sour cream as well. I now have two dairy ferments going in my oven. One of my ferments is yogurt, where the starter is other yogurt, the other is sour cream, where the starter is lemon juice.

Making yogurt, procrastinating then finally making yogurt, or even making sour cream are not new things. What is new is using Tim Horton’s drive through as a quick convenient stop. Sure I have stopped at a fast food through because it was on my way or because I wanted some fast food, but never have I gone because I needed something that I should have probably just gone into a convenience store for. I had planned on using some of the milk that I was making my yogurt with to make my sour cream, but totally forgot. After I moved Gertie into the oven I thought I should make my sour cream, as I was getting prepared I realized I had forgotten to reserve some of the moo juice that I would need. I thought about it and I really didn’t want to go in anywhere, 7 11 does skip the dishes I could order the milk I needed that way. I thought better and went to Tim Horton’s, I could get hot chocolate and Tim bits with my milk. Today my New Thing is using a fast food restaurant as a convenience store!

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