Thankful Post 228

I vacuumed my living room for a second time in two days, hopefully my living room will be officially all cleaned up by tomorrow. I started cleaning my dining room today, as my dining room mostly consists of a dining room table and water cooler I am hoping it won’t take nearly as long. With any luck I will have my living room, dining room, and foyer all cleaned up by tomorrow. Today I realized how rewarding it felt to wake up in a clean bedroom, I realized how good it felt to sit in a living room approaching the term clean. Once my dishwasher is done running I will have all but 2 pieces of my dishes clean, minus whatever is in the fridge how good it feels knowing that. Today I am extra thankful that I have found the motivation to get out of my 20*0 rut. 2021 should not need to be censored the same as 20*0.

For those who are trying to get out of that same rut; I got a treadmill and a fitness tracker to keep me motivated to do treadmill time. I bought apps to make sure I took my medicine to make sure I drank enough water to make sure I did things on my to do list, it’s been years sense I have followed my drug schedule this good besides the few years in university that I was at the gym everyday I don’t think I have been this well hydrated I don’t think I have ever been this organized with a daily checklist sure I have used the regular old reminders app on my phone but never have I ever had one that keeps reminding me until it is checked off. Finally making plans to actually clean my place.

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