Thankful Post 227

I woke up after one heck of a bad sleep I did not know why until later in the day when I realized tomorrow is my power up. Although I am thankful tomorrow is my power up day that isn’t what this post is about.

Starting last week I decided it was time I really get the ball rolling on cleaning my place I decided I would start with doing at least one load of dishes every day; this would make sure I would empty the dishwasher every day, something I had stopped doing because of depression. I had planned on today being the last day I would have dirty dishes in the sink, didn’t quite work out that way but Tuesday this dream will become a reality. My dishes don’t deserve a thankful post today.

On Saturday I started cleaning up my bedroom. Yesterday morning while I was working at it I came to a funny realization; I wouldn’t be ashamed if I had someone over for “whatever” in my bedroom, then I left my bedroom and tripped on stuff in the hall and my thought was “what am I going to let them in my window?” Today I put the finishing touches on my bedroom with a vacuuming. This however is not my thankful post for today?

I started cleaning my living room today. I can proudly say I can see most of the floor today. I could easily move a few things on my spare couch to sit down, so it’s almost clean. I moved the vacuum cleaner out to my living room to encourage me to finish it up on Tuesday. Starting to clean my living room is not my thankful post either.

I filled three big bags of garbage up today while I was cleaning up. This is what I am thankful for! Those three garbage bags represent me actually working at cleaning out my pandemic related depression, this depression has been haunting me for close to a year now.

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