Thankful Post 225

Last night I made the horrible discovery that I was out of toilet paper. However I am still way to nervous about going into stores luckily it wasn’t past 23:00 so I could still place an order for a today pickup. I got to Walmart and I called the number to say which spot I was in. After the call the person ma’amed me, I love that so much when that happens! But this is not what my post is about.

I have been avoiding shaving for a while now, just because I could still see and feel the hair on my chiny chin chin after shaving. Today before my trip to pick up my groceries I decided I really needed to at least shave because it was probably only me who could see the hair. I picked up my razor for the first time this year feeling feelings and looked at the blades, then it hit me I needed to change my blades. I changed my blades and shaved; it was an amazing feeling, the blades I was running over my skin was cutting the unwanted hairs and not burning my chin.

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