Thankful Post 224

I have lots to be thankful for today, yesterday I found the motivation to do things and it has carried over into today. This morning I was chatting with my grandma when my new toothbrush was delivered. After I was done chatting with her I started to set up my new toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are rather expensive, while I was trying to justify keeping it and not sending it back I had a great thinking about it. This is the fourth electric toothbrush I have ever gotten, over the course of 20 odd years. One of those brushes I use strictly for travel as it’s not that good at brushing, and will probably not last that much longer. The travel toothbrush is well over 10 years old, I expect this new one to last hopefully 10 years as that seems to be what the other ones have lasted.

In short I am thankful that investing in electric toothbrushes turns out to be less then $2 a year. Of course the replacement heads cost more but the actual motor costs less then $2 a year.

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