Today’s New Thing

So this morning I woke up, like I do many mornings, but one of the motivations I use to get out of bed is to change my watch. I have one watch that tracks my sleep, and an Apple Watch that I use to track everything else through the day. Frustrated with myself I used that as motivation to hit the treadmill; I had kinda sorta neglected it for a few days as I couldn’t find the motivation to only do five minutes (I am still nursing my ankle, probably should be pressing harder), today I took the watch frustration as motivation to up to 10 minutes. I set a timer for 10 minutes, however as I was doing my time for some reason I looked at my watch and decided I would do my treadmill time until the activity loop said I was active for 10 minutes. It takes a few minutes for ones body to realize you are active so I ended up doing more then 10 minutes of time. I felt good after that!

As I am sitting here I got looking at other ways to motivate myself to do better, I am in just a great mood today! I know closing the rings on my watch feels good so I got curious as to adjusting the work our time, I wanted to change it from 30 minutes to 10 just to keep me motivated to do my treadmill time. After figuring out how to do it I was pressing the minus button when I thought “no I should change it to 15, so that I will do 15 on the treadmill tomorrow.” Today’s New Thing is finding motivation, I have been using apps and devices for a bit now to help myself get better but today I don’t know I have really hot a motivational high point.

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