Today’s New Thing

A little while ago I got an app to remind me to pop my pills, I was using the reminder app on my phone but it would remind me and I would plan to get my pills after whatever and I would forget. Medisafe has helped me as it nags me by reminding me and I don’t check it off until they have been popped and my phone keeps reminding me, I am doing so much better with my drugs.

Seeing how the app has helped me so much my psychologist wanted me to get a fitness tracker. After trying 6 different trackers I ended up with getting an Apple Watch, but that’s besides the point. Having the Apple Watch I have found the encouragement to be a little less sedentary. However the Apple Watch is not a good sleep tracker after a lot of debate about getting a sleep tracker that goes under my mattress I decided to keep one of those other watches and use it as my sleep tracker. Having a sleep tracker has helped me quantify my sleep, which in turn has helped my sleep.

Learning about my activity levels made me think about getting a smart weigh scale to help me track my weight a little better. It has encouraged me to be a little more mindful of my health, I have been thinking of getting an app to help me watch my diet better but we will have to see.

After gaining the ability to quantify some things I got a water bottle that keeps track of how much water I drink, so my phone reminds me to drink water. I do know how that sounds; if you drink when you are thirsty it should be good, in total you should drink 8 glasses of water a day. I would drink some water when I was thirsty but never enough, having this app my watch politely reminds me to hydrate. I have been feeling so much better being hydrated, my brain seems to hurt less.

Yesterday I bought an app that will politely nag me to do chores until they are done. After seeing it nag me to do my chores this morning has helped me a little already today. Quantifying all the other things I have done has helped me so much so that I hope this app will continue to help me develop better habits. Today’s New Thing is having my watch constantly remind me to make my bed!

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