Today’s New Thing

I have been trying out different fitness trackers and smart watches, I finally just bit the bullet and got an Apple Watch. Not wanting to pay to much for it I got the small series 3 watch. It had all of the features of the other ones, then some minus the sleep tracking. After a few days of wasting time small one my wrist began to tell me it was too tight, after searching I could not find a band that would have worked with that watch and my wrist. I sent that watch back and had to spend the little extra to get the bigger watch, still series 3 just the bigger model.

Anyway the new thing today is I completed the big loop! If I wasn’t struggling to put the big jug of water in place when I felt the little buzz I would have jump, first out of fright then out of happiness. I don’t know how it is calculated but I guess the big loop is for calories burned.

Here we are 2 hours later and I managed to close the other two loops! So today I closed all the loops.

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