Today’s New Thing

With the COVID depression I have been feeling the level of cleanness around home has really hit the pooper. I have been really slacking off on my dishes and my dishwasher had filled up with yucky stuff and has therefore not been cleaning my dishes very well. I have pulled apart my dishwasher before to clean it but I have never actually cleaned all the parts individually before. It has been; pull it apart, remove the big pieces of stuff trapped in places, put it back together and run a load hoping for the best. That has always worked for me in the past, not so much recently and my dishes have just been piling as I would just get stressed out about my dishwasher not actually cleaning my dishes. Today I decided I was going to fix that, I pulled the dishwasher apart and cleaned every part individually. I ran it once with all of the parts out while I scrubbed the other three parts. I have now put it back together and running it again and it sounds like it is working!

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