Thankful Post 212

I am sad to say that I have been neglecting keeping my place clean do to the stress I have been dealing with being alone. Today I stepped on something icky so while loading my dishwasher. I had decided today I was going to do at least 2 loads of dishes, I will admit it was solely so I could use my pressure cooker this evening as I had loaded my dishwasher earlier today without putting any of my pressure cooker bowls in the dishwasher. While loading my dishwasher the first time I stepped in something icky on my floor as it was only my toe I thought I would look at it later. I did some run around today neglecting the icky stuff. I emptied the dishwasher and started loading the next load, this time I managed to plant my entire foot into the ickiness. This got me to realize I had garbage to tackle! I have been neglecting actually taking garbage out to the garbage can just letting it accumulate around my place. Today I took 4 bags of garbage out to the garbage, and my kitchen can is socking to try to remove the smell. In short I am thankful that I stepped in the icky stuff, so that I could find the motivation to take out the garbage.

I know this may sound as an excuse for not doing more clean up but; I feel to sleep on my couch last night so my back is telling me that I am not going to be able to do much today, I was going to power through it and do more cleaning but I slept on ice and really tweaked my back. After having troubles lifting the garbage can lid I decided I should maybe sit down rather then do more clean up. I went to fill up my water bottle and my back said nope! Hopefully tomorrow I will be in better shape to clean up my kitchen.

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