Today’s New Thing

So a little while ago my psychologist wanted me to get a treadmill; I got a physio to agree and I got a GP to agree, so that it would be covered. My back had been hurting a lot recently, in a different place then normal but it was still not good. The GP has my blood tested fairly regularly, for my hormones mostly but my liver numbers are included in there. As it is the horrid 20’s I have been living a fairly sedentary lifestyle and I guess my liver has not been liking it. I have been using the treadmill for a while now and feeling pretty good about it.

My psychologist also wanted me to get a fitness tracker, to track my steps and all that fun stuff so I did but that’s all it does. Ok well it tracks sleep and heart rate as well. I saw that it would be beneficial to track other things as well, encourage myself to be better so I ordered a better fitness tracker and weigh scale which will be delivered today!

All that being said today for some unknown reason I was rather proud of my numbers. I do really plan on getting my step count up to the 10 000 a day in the future but I am sure that is a while off yet. Today I looked at the graph after my treadmill, and I felt amazing so today my New Thing is sharing that graph!

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