Today’s New Thing

So I am really sad/disgusted to admit that I have been letting my dishes pile up in my sink because my sink smells bad. I would start to clean out my sink and load my dishwasher and suffer through the smell for a few days before my dishes needed cleaning again, with luck there would still be enough dirty dishes to hide the smell. It was not a good or hygienic situation; I have been telling myself that I wasn’t going to continue that any more, I was going to do the two or three loads of dishes and clean the sink. Load two would finish and I would think to myself “I will do the third load and clean the sink tomorrow!”

Three days ago I did that again, yesterday my headache was just killing me and it was not fun. I knew why headache was happening, it should have been enough motivation to clean my sink but my depression just wasn’t going to let me. It was only going to be a few days until my sink filled up again to mask the smell. As I write this I cannot believe how disgusting my depression has let me become!

Today my New Thing is cleaning my sink during a pandemic. It’s been a little more then 8 F wording months sense this pandemic thing really kicked into high gear and my sink has really gotten bad over that time but I finally did that “third load,” and cleaned my sink. That smell is gone and will hopefully not return.

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