Today’s New Thing

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about how I made lemon lime spice with the rinds of a lemon and a lime in my dehydrator, she made a joke about using the whole fruit. I would later think I have a bag of oranges that I was going to juice and ferment, maybe I could skin some of the oranges and make an orange spice! Today I sat down and I had planned on only skinning 2 or 3, I however decided that I should do them all. After starting the juicing process I thought about what could I do with everything else? There is always compost, which I would have done, but there had to be something else. I juiced a few oranges then I realized there was still parts of the orange and the pulp left which had flavour to it still and I could soak them and extract that flavour. So I waited a bit and ordered some vodka to get the last bit of orange flavour out of the left overs. In 5 or 6 months I will have a yummy orange cooking extract, it won’t be all that strong as a flavouring but it will be a lite orange extract none the less.

Today’s new thing is using the “whole orange;” to make orange juice, orange spice, and orange extract. In 5 to 6 months I will also turn the husk of the orange peals into compost, unless they break down while being extracted.

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