Thankful Post 184

I was looking forward to being snowed in when I woke up this morning, maybe later in the day I will be.

I was chatting with Zakaery yesterday, and I had just mentioned how my lacto fermented ketchup tasted amazing and he came up with the idea that my ferments are my little babies to show motherly love to! During COVID I have become a fermentation mother.

Last night I did some research into why I couldn’t start a ginger bug, they all would just die on me. I read up on things and I think I have seen the error in my ways. As early as Tuesdays, Wednesday, or as late as Thursday I well hopefully get to say “it’s alive!” So caring for my little baby bug, who I have now named Bugsy, this evening will be something I get to do for self care.

I have been wanting to give birth to a new Shrek (sour dough starter) for a few days now but haven’t gotten around to it because my kitchen is a mess. Seeing as how I am naming some of my lacto ferments I think I need to name my yogurt. Gertie, I will name my yogurt Gertie! I know I got some keifer grains, they came freeze dried and vacuum sealed (like Han Solo) at the beginning of the plague, if I can find them and am able to activate them, I will name them Betsy! Doing my clean up I was reminded I have a SCOBY, I think I will name it Scooby. Hopefully I have not killed Scooby due to neglect! Either way I have enough kombucha to start a new one if I have.

If I clean up my kitchen more today I think I will split my fermentation station into two stations: First a yeasty fermentation station, for lacto fermentations that pull yeasties out of the air. Second a vinegar/pickling station, for ferments that consume alcohol and sugar. Did some of my clean up; I now have a yeasty fermentation station, and I decided to make a new Shrek.

I did some clean up yesterday, this is how I found the ginger to birth Bugsy, so I think I will do some more maybe find some more things. Come to think about it I found some honey infused garlic/garlic infused honey, I know they were children I gave birth to early on during the plague but I neglected and forgot about them, maybe I will see how it’s doing today as it looks good haven’t smelt or tasted it yet though. Not sure that I will name them as they do not grow and develop, and where not meant to.

I like homemade ketchup times more then store bought, thinking about it I think I like the sharpness of vinegar fermented ketchup more then lacto fermented ketchup though. Some time in the future I will be able to do experimenting with my flavoured vinegars. Like my honey I don’t know that my ketchups get names as they do not grow and develop.

Some of my ferments in the yeasty fermentation station will get names as they will develop over time and will need to be cared for, others will not as they do not grow and develop. Today I am thankful for my yeasty fermentation station, and the children I have given breath to in it.

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