Thankful Post 183

Chatting with a friend today he suggested my fermentation projects where like my children! I guess I am a yeast mother?

While talking with him I had mentioned how my fermented ketchup turned out, and how happy I am about it. We got talking about vinegar fermented vs lacto fermented ketchup I like. Lacto fermented things I find give a different flavour, and it is full of probiotics. I have developed my recipe for ketchup, but as my friend and I where chatting I thought maybe a ginger bug could give it an interesting flavour. I planned on maybe trying that in the future as I did not have ginger to birth a ginger bug.

I got cleaning my kitchen when I found a bag of ginger root, I got so excited and started developing a ginger bug! I am thankful for finding the ginger root in my kitchen!

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