Thankful Post 176

Today I woke up just bummed right out, it was not fun. I did my things and decided I really smelled too much so I had a much needed shower. I don’t like my shower water to hot but I was able to use up all of my hot water just trying to get clean. I put on some clean pyjamas because I couldn’t find the drive to pick out today’s clothes! As the day got going I could not find the motivation to do anything other then my morning COVID rituals, I knew I forgot coffee yesterday so today I couldn’t. I had my coffee and had some YouTube playing, but nothing. Thinking about what I had to eat I decided to have a few scoops of sauerkraut, that was when my day started to look up.

I don’t know for sure but I believe it was my sauerkraut that got me out of my funk. All that being said I am thankful for my sauerkraut.

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