Thankful Post 175

I woke up early today, I was just going to stay in bed for a bit but decided I should check on my yogurt, and start watching the baby Yoda show. I do like my yogurt tart but not to tart the longer it goes the tartier it gets (I needed the temperatures to get the moo juice to so I looked up a recipe yesterday before my meeting so that I could get it at least warmed up to let it cool during), it cooled to the right temperature prior to my meeting but during the meeting last night I was looking at the recipe and it said let it ferment for 5 to 10 hours? 10 hours would be not be nearly long enough, I let it ferment for 13 or 14 I did however have plans to let it ferment for about 16 hours. My yogurt needs to sit in my fridge for about another hour, as of writing this as to stop the fermentation process. I am rather thankful that I know have homemade yogurt, not that plain barely fermented stuff you buy at the store.

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