A short opinion

I got curious and looked up some quasi-academic publications about the second American revolution, I had suggested it was yet to start and you had said it had already started. I found this, a little dated (as in April 2020), article saying just that. A second revolution is happening, however it started prior to COVID. COVID may have slowed it, again this is a dated article that came out prior to the murder of George Floyd. (https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/609463/)

Publications going back as far as Marx, with the communist manifesto, and as recently as 2020, with knowledge of COVID, all predict how the world is going to change with the up coming global revolution. I have yet to read the Communist Manifesto I have however read parts of it and know about Marx.

In closing I think I may understand a little more about how the world is going to be shaped in our future. I am fearful of communism; but I celebrate socialism, I know there is a thin line between the two but scary none the less.

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