Today’s New Thing

Last night I started the process of making my own mustard, I have started it many times before but have lost interest in it by the morning. Last night I decided that today would be the day that I would actually finish a mustard project, to give myself a little bit of incentive I put in some very tasty white wine vinegar (not homemade).T

his morning I fried up some eggs to put on a little bit of mustard, I had it in a squeeze bottle but it just would not come. Squeezing and shaking I thought it was just stuck to the bottom. Then plop half my mustard came out. I cleaned up the mess on my counter and floor and scooped some of the mustard off of my eggs and put it into a different jar with the rest that stayed in the bottle.

I thought I had scooped off most of the mustard from my eggs, but eating it I realize I didn’t. It has quite a kick but I am so glad it tastes good!

As I am eating my breakfast I have realized it is more mustard with egg rather then egg with mustard. Wow does it ever have a kick!

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